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Brazil e-Visa

Image by Krys Amon

On April 10, 2025, passport holders from Australia, Canada and the United States will require a visa to enter Brazil. If you have a valid physical visa on your passport for the purpose of your visit, you do not need to apply for a new visa.

Important Notice: The Electronic Visa (eVisa) of the Federative Republic of Brazil is a new entry requirement for Americans, Australians & Canadians

Entering Brazil by air, sea, or land.


Starting January 10th, eVisas are mandatory for USA, Australia, and Canada passport holders visiting Brazil. If you're arriving on January 9th, we strongly advise applying for your eVisa to avoid travel disruptions due to delays or missed connections. Secure your eVisa for a hassle-free journey!

If you hold a Diplomatic Passport or Special Passport, you will still need an eVisa for your entry.

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